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Hi there we use Looker embeds a lot and are looking at ways to enable navigations from the reporting system to other parts of our UI. However, since not everyone who access to the report can, say, edit the entity being reported on, it would be great if the links can be rendered based on a user role condition of sort. Is this possible? If so, how would I do it?


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Hi there @karthikr!

What you’re describing sounds a lot like our Powered by Looker offering, which is a single sign-on embed platform, where a user logs in to some other system (for example, Salesforce or any other web application) and each user can see different data in the embedded reports.

This takes a lot of set-up, but is great for enabling many Looker users across your organization without having them each make a Looker account.

If you’re interested in Powered by Looker, I would talk to your Looker Customer Success Manager for more information and next steps!

I do realize it is the embedded / ‘powered by looker’ experience, but did not realize that this forum did not cater to that

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Hi @karthikr, happy to discuss powered by looker generally here! However for details on the specific set up, we recommend reaching out to your customer success manager since it is fairly involved and tailored to your individual use case. If you’re not sure who your customer success manager is you can visit us at and we can get you in touch with them!

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Hi Karthik,

I think you can get the functionality you need by leveraging liquid inside of an html field. The overall process would be very similar to what is shown in this article, but with selectively displaying certain links:

That is awesome. Thanks for that Fabio.