Is there any way to import excel data into looker

  • 23 August 2017
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Is there any way to import excel data into looker

7 replies

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Hey @himani.kala!

Currently it is not possible to upload data in Looker. Looker connects to your databases to query the data.

However we have this post that shows how to bring the content of a Google Spreadsheet into your database for Looker to query!

Thanks romain.ducarrouge

If you have access to a developer on your team you can also create a Google API User that has access to the Google Sheet by sharing the Google Sheet with that user. Your program can then run and pull the data from the Google Sheet whenever you want.

We do this for almost all of our clients - we have Google Sheets pulling in daily and update our database and provide info into Looker reports. Great for merchandising and product teams that need to look at SKU information

I’ll point out that Excel has both ODBC and JDBC connectivity options.

You could create a destination in your db, model it the way you want the data to be stored, and let users with appropriate rights (select insert update delete?) access the database directly from Excel, and ‘edit’ the data directly in the database. I do this for my implementation team, they have a simple table based data input mechanism (basically, I’m using the spreadsheet as a data entry ui) and Looker can see the table, and I can run reports in Looker on how much time each customer, or project, has consumed.

@romain.ducarrouge , the link you provided is taking to the community home page. In past 3 years did looker made any changes so we can load data from CSV/Excel/Gsheet?

The link in the post doesn’t go to the right place.  Also this post is very old, any update on it?


I think that this link works :)