Is Google Sheets importXML to Looker connection unreliable to anyone else?

  • 2 July 2015
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If there’s anyone out there who’s been using the Looker to Google Sheets functionality, I’d love to hear how reliable you find it and if you have any hacks to make it work.

I’m pulling in over 1,000 rows and 22 columns, the query takes on average 38 seconds to run. My gut says this is too much effort for Google Sheets to wait for. I have reduced the query size to 10 seconds though and I still experience issues, but not as frequently.

I would much prefer a manual refresh of the data if anyone knows how to do that…the help would be appreciated!

4 replies

Hi Joel,

This is how you can do a manual refresh

in B1,


What this will do is every time the value of A1 changes, it will refresh the data/

Let me know if that works!

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You may also want to consider this option from Looker’s Segah Meer:

Amazing! Thanks Brett

@Dave_Suchmann: Might be useful for us