Get filter suggestions for use in our own UI (through API maybe?)

  • 15 June 2021
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I’m wondering if there’s any way to retrieve the filter suggestions for a field that normally show up when on filters that are contained in a dashboard


Use case: We want to embed a dashboard, but hide the filters on the dashboard itself, and only allow the user to change a couple selected filters using our own ui that lives outside of the dashboard. 

Embedding the dashboard works great.

Sending in events to change the filters works great.

But is there any way to get a list of suggestions for a filter, so that our ui can behave similarly to the on-dash filters, and populate a list of options for the user to choose from? 

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1 reply

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There isn’t an api exposed that replicates the filter autocomplete.  We did a custom filter integration about 3 years ago and are currently in the process of getting rid of it because of the hassle.  Basically you need to use the field name and the query api to get a list of distinct values.  Seems simple to start but once you have any cascading filters with one updating multiple others in the chain the logic gets pretty complex for building the appropriate queries.  Would not recommend unless you have the most simplest of filter setups that aren’t going to change much.