Filter suggestions disabled in embedded dashboard

  • 8 September 2016
  • 3 replies

We have an embedded dashboard with a filter field that is not displaying suggestions. The same dashboard when viewed inside Looker works as expected with the filter field suggesting values as the user types.

Is it expected behavior for an embedded dashboard to have filter suggestions disabled?

3 replies

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Hey Dustin! There are a couple of reasons that filter suggestions could not be coming through. The first thing to check would be to see if access filters are being applied to the explore that the dashboard is getting its data through. Filter suggestions get turned off when access filters are being used to prevent accidental disclosure of sensitive data.

Also, if there is a sql_always_whereparameter, it will block filter suggestions similarly, for the same reason.

We’ve got more info about why this happens here, as well as links to other resources here: Why won’t my filter suggestions populate? (Prior to 3.48)

Thanks, Max. There is an access filter but I’ve tried adding bypass_suggest_restrictions: true to the filter field and I’m still getting the same issue. There is not a sql_always_where parameter.

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Hey Dustin, I actually just learned that the full_suggestions parameter defaults to true now without having to be set, and that you won’t have to use the bypass_suggest_restrictions parameter to get around this. I’d actually remove that parameter, just to prevent unintended access to sensitive info.

It could be related to the fact that it is a filter field, which I had missed before. Mind posting a version of what you have in your view file? You could also come onto chat and get some live help, I’m a member of the Support team at Looker and can vouch for our technical chops 🙂