Enabling Time Zone Dropdown in Embeds

  • 24 July 2018
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Is there any way to enable the time zone dropdown inside of embeds?

I seem to recall this being available in the past, and much of the documentation around user-specific time zones seems to heavily imply that the dropdown should be available. However, it looks as though this was specifically disabled.

Specifically, in the page source of the embed, this line appears:

<span class="hideTimezone ng-hide" ng-show="$ctrl.showQueryTimezone" aria-hidden="true">

Changing this to the following causes the dropdown to show up (and function correctly):

<span class="showTimezone ng-show" ng-show="true" aria-hidden="false">

The following JS appears to disable it on page load:

this.showQueryTimezone = !this.isEmbedded && this.explore && this.explore.hasTimezoneSupport && (f.TimezoneStore.getAllowUserTimezones() || this.isNonDefaultTimezone);

Which indicates the feature has been purposefully disabled by the Looker team, and can’t be turned on through an option.

Is there anything we can do to re-enable this?

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