Enabling and Disabling dashboard Tiles Embed

  • 9 July 2021
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It would be excellent if there was a way to easily enable/disable specific tiles in a dashboard for certain embed users. 

To give a use case:

Imagine you are a B2B company. Your company offers a new (paid) feature to its clients. The client wants to be able to monitor the effect of the new feature. In comes embedded analytics! So you want to include a new tile in an existing embedded dashboard to communicate the feature’s performance. However, this is not currently possible! 

Currently, a huge benefit of embedded analytics for our org is that devs don’t really need to get involved if new metrics are added to any embedded content. The changes can be made in looker, reviewed, then go live by simply updating the dashboard. However, if we want the functionality I described, we’d need to check if the client has paid for the feature and then render a separate dashboard (with the additional tile). This means we lose the benefit of limited application code and we have to manage a bunch of redundant dashboards. 

There was a request for a similar feature that was ignored:


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