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  • 23 September 2021
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Dear Colleagues!

I would like to solve the problem and I am looking for an instrument for it. Someone has advised Looker. I tried to find a solution - no result.

What I have now:

  1. I have a whole lot of databases with tables
  2. I build a look and/or dashboard
  3. I specify parameters of the look/dasboard with filters. The link is unique and it looks like 

  4. I send a link to the dashboard to another database and a site shows it on a page. There is a long list of processes. When a user wants to see details he presses the proper link and sees a plot which describes exactly this process.

What I want:

  1. Everything looks good, but I have hundreds of processes. 
  2. Is there a way in Looker to automate creation of links? 
  3. Probably there is option which allows to change abracadabra qid=Rn5ltb9jwQVZztzYVGVevD to something like filter_name_1=aaa&filter_name_2=bbb

Please give me some advice! 

Many thanks!


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