API Connecting Looker DataSet

  • 9 November 2017
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Hi -

I am looking to create a python script that would connect to looker dataset ? Can anyone help me with how can I establish the API connection and extract the data.

Thanks in advance



2 replies

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Hi @svarun,

You can use Python to connect to your Looker instance and query the data from the connections set up in your instance!

Looker itself does not store any of your database’s data.

In order to use the API in Python we can either generate the Python SDK following the instructions on this post here

Otherwise, if you’re familiar with the requests library, using Python3 we can use this approach to get you started:

import requests

def log_me_in(id secret, base_url):
payload = {'client_id': id, 'client_secret': secret}
url = base_url + '/login'
r =, data=payload)
# check for successful auth
if r.status_code == 200:
token = r.json()['access_token']
return token
print('Authentication failed')

def get_look(token, look_id, base_url):
# hard coded for json format response
url = base_url +'/looks/' + look_id + '/run/json?access_token=' + token
r = requests.get(url)
if r.status_code == 200:
for elem in r.json():

id = "your_API3_client_id"
secret = "your_API3_client_secret"
base_url = ""



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Try out this github repo Pull Data into Python / Jupyter

More info on using Looker’s API for Data Science [Link]