Anyone managed to publish Looker reports into Workplace?

Hey all,

I saw this really cool article that shows how you can schedule Looker reports to be published on Workplace (by Facebook): . No technical documentation is supplied with it though, and I can’t seem to figure out how to do it.

Looker Support suggested this: , though that would mean building the action from scratch? Anyone managed to integrate this and has a better, easier way of doing it?



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Hey @foogie thanks for your interest here. Shortly after launching this Action, Facebook issued new requirements for their Workplace integrations, which we could not fulfill, so we’ve had to remove this functionality. The blog post is out-of-date and being taken down.

Action Hub is open source, so you can certainly develop a Workplace action on your own. Sorry I don’t have better news for you.

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Hey Foogie, it looks like that action has not yet made it into the official action hub. We built it, but it looks like it has not completed security review and thus hasn’t been put in the action hub yet. I’ll check further into the status and let you know.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in setting up your own, then the link you posted would be the best way to set it up from scratch.

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Oh, hrm… I just took a look at the blog post and turns out I may have been a little misleading with my initial reply. What those docs describe creates an action on a certain cell in the results— But the workplace action appears to ingest an entire dashboard.

You can’t build those kinds of actions in lookml using the action parameter, they have to be constructed and deployed on our end (which does save you the work of doing it on every dimension/measure!).

I’ll check in with the people that were working on this and see what’s up with it.

Thanks for the reply izzy! One question on the actions though: do I really need to implement an action for each dimension and measure?

I plan to use this to publish different dashboards which contain quite a number of different dimensions/measures from different explores, so having to do this for each dimension seems a bit overkill!

Ah thanks for that Izzy, yup that would be really helpful!



Thanks for that Dillon. Yup, it would be best to take the blog post down as it’s confusing to some, thinking that the feature is available out of the box when it isn’t.