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New DCL Mic Drop: Flavia Oliveira

  • 15 June 2021
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New DCL Mic Drop: Flavia Oliveira
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DCL Mic Drop #5


The Department of Customer Love (DCL) is Looker’s all-knowing support team. Yes, they're actually called that. They’re kind of the brains behind this whole operation! You may have talked to them via support chat or on a ticket, or maybe even in the Looker Community. Besides being true Looker savants and genuinely interesting characters, DCLers deeply understand our users’ experiences and challenges because they’re in the code with our users every day, helping work through it. 


We’re super excited that now each month, we’ll publish a new Mic Drop to give you a glimpse behind the curtain to meet one of these fabled DCLers. We will learn a little more about the individual behind the chat magic, as well as leverage their expertise as they select 3-5 Knowledge Drops that you should definitely check out!


This month, we are lucky enough to have chatted with @flaviagdo!




Michael: Hey Flavia, thanks for being open to doing this month’s DCL Mic Drop! Before anything else happens . . . 

I heard your Looker nickname is ‘Foodlooker’ - you must explain.


Flavia: lol, That is because food is very important for me and take a lot of my thought during the day and inevitably ended up sharing that with my colleagues :D I tend to be a reference when people are looking for recommendations about place to eat here in Dublin as also pointing out in the office to my DCL colleagues when the snacks drawers in the office were refilled 


M : haha Sounds like a nickname well earned! Fill in the blank. “If I had to replace ‘Food’ for something else that describes me well, my Looker nickname would be __looker”


F : hmmm, good question… I would say eagerlooker :D


M : At first I thought you said “EAGLElooker” and my mind flashed to you riding a giant horse with an eagle on your shoulder and sacks of snacks hanging off the horse's saddle like recently rewarded treasures. Based on how you approach #snacklife though, eagerloker sounds about right!

Since we’ve all been working from home for over a year, I’m always curious about what other Lookers’ home workspaces are like - not necessarily what they look like but what vibe people are trying to go for.   

What’s your home workspace vibe?


F : I confess I try to make it as much similar as possible to our office set up. I mean, to have my desk organised in my loosy way (It might not be seen as organised to other people). And also make sure I have to hand everything that i need, notes, pens, charges, water, snacks lol I think my workspace vibe is missing the office one!


M : So fair! I miss it too. It’s cool how people have adapted to try and make the work-from-home situation as reflective of the office as they can. It says a lot about how awesome the Looker offices are! 

Do you have any routines you’ve kept from the office days during your wfh days on chat to keep your mind engaged and fingers plugging away?


F : Definitely, mainly working from home we need to find ways around to boost our energy. I kept the routine to exercise in the morning, like doing a sprint in the park or running to stimulate the production of endorphins. I also try to take a 10 min break on those days that you might feel the brain is a bit slow, to walk around the house and do a bit of stretching. Additionally, at the end of the day, once I finish the chats, I close the laptop,  and go for a snack break for about 30 min before returning to the laptop and finishing the filling for the day. Foodlooker you know?! lol


M : Foodlooker through and through! There’s no slackin’ to your snackin’, my friend. I respect the game. Being that you do spend your workdays supporting our users through some of their toughest data problems, I should probably throw some Looker-related questions in here.

This is kinda foundational, but what are your favorite shortcut keys when you’re working in Looker? 


F : command + shift + 4 by far my favourite one to take screenshots and share examples with customers. In terms of shortcuts within Looker instance I use a lot “control+shift+d” to turn Dev mode on/off.


M : Screenshots seem like the native DCL currency. Chatcoin of sorts. Alright, Flavia, last one for you: Pick one of the Knowledge Drops you’ve selected below and describe why it’s an important tip for users:


F :I am going to pick the Knowledge Drop called “How can I stop or change the order of my PDT builds?”. The reason why is that by being on chat I’ve been asked a couple of times if this setup was possible. I also believe many users have hit a use case where they needed to solve this problem. Despite not having a native UI way to achieve this, we have a workaround that has helped in many use cases and this community link I personally share a lot with customers! 


The Drop




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