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New DCL Mic Drop: Annie He

New DCL Mic Drop: Annie He
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DCL Mic Drop #4


The Department of Customer Love (DCL) is Looker’s all-knowing support team. Yes, they're actually called that. They’re kind of the brains behind this whole operation! You may have talked to them via support chat or on a ticket, or maybe even in the Looker Community. Besides being true Looker savants and genuinely interesting characters, DCLers deeply understand our users’ experiences and challenges because they’re in the code with our users every day, helping work through it. 


We’re super excited that now each month, we’ll publish a new Mic Drop to give you a glimpse behind the curtain to meet one of these fabled DCLers. We will learn a little more about the individual behind the chat magic, as well as leverage their expertise as they select 3-5 Knowledge Drops that you should definitely check out!


This month, we are lucky enough to have chatted with @Annie_He!


Looker Name: Icebreaker Looker


Michael: Annie! Hello - so glad to get the chance to speak with you! I feel like we’ve interacted a fair amount via tickets and internal threads but never really in-person. What’s new? 


Annie: I feel like a whole lot but at the same time, nothing at all 😅 It’s definitely been pretty busy over here in DCL so the team’s been going through some changes to make the work manageable while still giving quality support. I also started pursuing a Master’s degree part-time at the start of the year, so there’s that too!


M: That’s so cool you’re going for a Masters Degree! I must ask - in what field? 


A: It’s in Data Science!

M: Very, very cool. I can imagine your last 2 years spent thinking through our users’ tough data problems has been a good primer! When you’re not saving the world one chat ticket at a time or in grad school, what are you up to? 


A: I like to sing and I recently picked up baking again. I’m usually into baking desserts like pie, but I recently tried baking bread (with yeast) for the first time and it was a questionable outcome.


M:  haha Okay business idea for you, you know how there are singing birthday cards? You could do the same thing with baked goods. Just bake in a little voice recorder that is triggered when someone starts to cut in… thoughts? 


A: Those singing birthday cards actually used to always scare me, so maybe I’d do it as a prank instead of as a business venture 😅 


M: Fair play! Random-question-of-the-interview time: If your personality was a Looker visualization, which one would it be and why?


A: This is a surprisingly philosophical question. I’d say pie chart because I have several hobbies, interests, and beliefs that wouldn’t normally intersect, but they all combine together to make up who I am as a person. Although...you could probably say this about anyone 😅


M:  That’s a great response, I love that. And you love to bake pie! Being a true data wiz, do you have any Looker tip/trick you find yourself using all the time? 


A: Wow I totally did not make that connection! (pie chart and baking pies)

Not sure if this counts as a tip, but filter suggestion cache is completely separate from explore cache! The only way to refresh filter suggestion cache is by using the suggest_persist_for parameter in the field definition.


M:  You heard it here, folks. Okay, last question for you: pick one of the Knowledge Drops you decided to highlight from this latest release - what’s so special about it that you decided to highlight it?


A: I’m going to go with “Will It Stream?”. I think it’s a common enough topic that comes up, but it also has a fairly simple fix if users run into it.

When downloading or exporting a report, users might see that the option to use the “All Results” option is greyed out. This is because there are certain items in Looker that don’t “stream” (explained in the drop below). This includes:

  • Table calcs
  • Merged queries
  • Sometimes pivots (depending on the database)

The most often case is that there are table calcs included in the report. To get around this, we typically recommend converting the table calc to a custom field or lookml field instead. 


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