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  • 18 February 2021
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Hi there!


Does anyone know whether I can apply a filter to compare YTD, QTD or MTD that updates daily/is live?

E.g needing to compare January & first few days of February.

I have used the week filter at the moment: is between 0 and 7.

It does the job but it doesn't refresh every week that closes so I have to change it manually each time.

Any ideas??


Thank you :)

1 reply

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I usually create a current_time view, which holds a lot of information about today and then I calculate something like: second_in_day, second_in_week, second_in_month, second_in_quarter, second_in_year.

That’s my NOW in reference to a specific start. 

Then I do the same for a dimension of interest, let’s say order_created_at. Those are usually hidden dimension but the principle is the same.

Afterwards I create set of simple yes/no fields. Here is what it looks like:

Then in my destination view I do the following

It’s just a small part. but basically second_of_year uses current second of day and adds all the other days. Then is_before_now_day is an example how I use the basic form. Second of day (which is local to the view in question) <= current second of day


I hope this helps but that’s why I achieve all the *TDs in my views