X Axis visualization has commas in numbers despite value_format: "0"

  • 26 January 2017
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Why would this be happening? I can’t seem to figure out what’s going on. The value of Year is formated as “0” (integer), yet when used in a Look visualization it will have commas between numbers (2,017). Does it matter that the field was from explore B and B is merged onto the explore A by being included in the [fields] option? When I go to Edit the visualization, X, and then select Ordinal Scale type, it tilte the numbers and gets rid of the commas. However I don’t want the x axis numbers to be tilted.

Any idea? This seems buggy.

1 reply

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Hi @jimRL - this does sound strange; that value format should work. To be extra safe you could try value_format_name: id, which should also not show commas. It would help to see the exact LookML for the dimension and to know the type of Year in the database.

If you suspect a bug and Support has access to your instance please visit with a link to the problem dimension and we can jump in and troubleshoot!