Why do Null values show up when I've filtered out Null in the report?

  • 10 May 2019
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I’ve made a couple of reports in Looker where I’ve filtered out “Null” values. For instance, if I want to show the top 10 customers, I’ve got a large amount of data that’s for “Null” customers. Since this is not useful for me, I’ve added a filter saying “Account name is not null” in the report.

Everything looks good, so I add it to my dashboard. Normally this has never been an issue for me before, but now, in the dashboard, it is still showing the null value even though I’ve filtered it out.

I suspect this has to do with the fact that I’ve added dashboard-level filters that default to “Account name is any value” unless a user actually puts in a specific value (upon which all reports in the dashboard will change accordingly).

Not only is this issue happening for Account Name, it’s happening for other fields where I’ve filtered out Null while creating the report, but have a dashboard-level filter for that field.

Basically, I need help removing these null values from my dashboard! Thank you.

1 reply

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Yep, the dashboard filter will take precedence over the tile-level filter that you’ve previously set to filter out those null values. You can add multiple filter conditions, though! Like:

So you could say “Account name is not null AND is equal to ___”

On a dashboard filter, you’ll need to enable the ability to have multiple conditions in “Customize Settings”