Why are Looks data (ie: IDs) null in System Activity History ?

  • 2 February 2023
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  I created an explore to query system__activity-history to query look’s execution: 

    model: system__activity

    view: history
    fields:  history.source,, look.title, history.created_time

    filters: history.created_date: last 30 days, history.source: look


  The problem is: why is the look data (id and title) returning nulls?

     The results source is always ‘look’

     I’m running active Looks using Looker web interface, no apis, pure simple Look on Looker site

     I even saved this system__activity explore as a Look, and it will be listed as an execution, but look data is null as well


  Is the Look data stored in the system__activity unreliable?  Even using very basic operations, the Look data is not being stored/shown


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