When we will be able to hide a specific filter in our embedded dashboards?

  • 17 June 2022
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The title says pretty much everything. We are currently committing to use your platform to save time of development and bring value to our product. The embedded dashboard is a great tool to save cost but it is lacking alot of basic features… like being able to hide only one filter, not all of them.

For us, this is the only reason why we would have to switch to Looker API or create custom buttons in our front-end, which would cost us alot of time and efforts that we try to save by using your services.


Is it possible to add this feature in the near future (3 months)? Adding a checkbox Hide in the filter options and applying 'display: none' to the html-tag would bring us in heaven.


User-attributes are not a good monkey-patch because of the scheduling system. Changing the user-attributes everytime the user has a different selection would corrupt the scheduled reports.

Thanks alot and have a great day! Except this important missing feature, the embedded solution is great!

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