What's happening with Looker releases?

  • 5 April 2021
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It’s more than 3 months since the beginning of the year and Looker has managed to deploy only one version update to this day.

Looker 21.0 was post-poned and finally released in Feb. 21.2 was skipped and 21.4 is post-poned once again.

This means that in the Q1 the regular users of Looker got(excluding labs):

  • Users can now create a custom measure from a custom dimension in the field picker.

That doesn’t sound like Gartner Challenger. Can someone explain why the new releases are happening less often and with less functionality than smth like 1-2 years ago with less people and less resources? :)

2 replies

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Looks like “Knowledge Drops” swiped this topic away so bringing it back to top. :) 

Pushing this to the top as well. I’d really love some insight into this question/observation. As well as some information on a roadmap for 2021- beyond.