What is the best way to visualize this request?

  • 4 June 2021
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I have a request from our team to show percent of calls we received by call creation week pivoted by when our mail dropped so we could see what percent of calls came from which drop week of mail. We call this our call spillover report. I am having trouble visualizing this as clearly as possible. With more drop weeks added the report, the more hectic it gets. 


Any thoughts? Here is what we have settled on for now below: 


1 reply

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Actually, this is close to analysing any type of cohorting data and so far this is the best way to show it. You are right though, when you get more weeks, your matrix will become bigger. 

That’s why I would have the same visualisation for:

  • last 16 weeks
  • last 12 months

To look at recent data (weeks) but then more aggregated data that isn’t possible to look at with too many weeks (months)