What happened to the download as xlsx option?

  • 6 April 2020
  • 2 replies


I’m trying to download merged Looks/dashboards to xlsx file but I cant find the option to do it anymore?

Really appreciate if you could help me with this because the option to download as xlsx was awesome! 🙂

Best regards


2 replies

Based on the documentation for downloading dashboards, there are restrictions for download formats.

If you are downloading an entire dashboard, you can only bulk download all tiles as CSVs or as a PDF.

You can download individual tiles with a specified file format, as described in that documentation. However, merged query tiles can only be downloaded as a CSV or PDF.

To my knowledge, this isn’t a new restriction, but perhaps I’m wrong!

My mistake… I’m only able to download regular Looks in xlsx.

Really appreciate if you fix so that we can download Dashboard in xlsx in the future!

Happy Easter everyone! 🐥