Way to schedule a look to be emailed that last day of each month?

  • 16 March 2017
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I feel like this should be easy to do but dont see it anywhere. If I select “Monthly” and choose the 31st, would it default to the day at the end of the month if there arent 31 days?

2 replies

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Hey @lchang, if you schedule your report to run on the 31st, it would not send on the 30th, if that month only has 30 days. I can let our product team know you’d like to have that feature!

Meanwhile, we have a workaround using custom filters as shown in this discourse article.

This issue still hasn’t been fixed, but this post is still the easiest to find.

The official workaround (below) doesn’t work if you want to include a visualization in your email, so we still need enhancements to allow filtering/scheduling by the last day of a period (Month, Quarter, Year) and dates less than or equal to (“on or before”) a relative time expression.

My workaround addresses my need to report in the current month on all data for completed months.

I create a duplicate look for the email, schedule the email for 12:00 midnight on the first of the month, and filter for a range “on or after X months ago” and “before Y minutes ago” (with Y at 60 to allow for a delay in processing).

If you don’t need the visualization (i.e. just want the data) the official workaround is listed here: