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  • 20 August 2021
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Hi all. I have a monthly dimension, and 2 measures (Var 1 and Var 1 vs Prior Month). “Var 1 vs Prior Month” is just a calculation of current vs prior month. For the most recent month however, that value is showing a null. I want to visualize the -0.7% as a single value, but I’m not sure how to to do so since it is is on the second row.  Here is the calculation I’m using for the “Var 1 vs Prior Month” - 

-(${var_1} - offset(${var_1}, -1))



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1 reply

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Hi Lucas! If you’d like to always display the second value in “Var 1 vs Prior Month”, would it work for your use case to create a new table calculation that uses the offset() function? It may look something like this: `offset(${var_1_vs_prior_month}, 1)`
Then we could hide all columns but this new one, to display the first value of the new column (which is equal to the second row/value of the Var 1 vs Prior Month column).