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  • 30 January 2017
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Hi all,

I have some data that I would like to graph over time. So far it looks something like this:

The documentations says that, by default, all selected dimensions (and measures) should be rendered in the visualization. However, from my experience, no matter which type of graph I choose, it seems to only display the first two columns: my “Week End Date” and my “Total” column.

Why can I not see data for the other columns (e.g. Talent, Legacy, etc) ? I’ve played with almost every single option in the configuration panel, but couldn’t find a solution

2 replies

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Hey there @arie_litovsky, I understand your confusion here. What is happening is Looker is detecting the time dimension and the numeric dimension and plotting them as a scatterplot. However, your case is a bit different, since you don’t have any measures.

Many visualization types, and most standard Looker workflows, expect that you have some measures, since these represent the numbers to be plotted, and dimensions are usually expected to be attributes that those measures are grouped over.

Are you doing this aggregation in a derived table before trying to visualize? If so, you should do the aggregation in the LookML, and not the SQL of a derived table, to get the desired effect

Let me know if you have any more questions, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Looker support or our in-product chat team for more hands-on help!

Hi max,

Yes, that was exactly the issue – I was doing the aggregation beforehand, instead of in the LookML.

Thanks for the reply,

  • Arie