Vertical Align Text Body

  • 18 January 2023
  • 2 replies


Wondering if someone could help out. I have tried searching everywhere already but with no luck

Essentially I have a text body which I have styled with various markdown functions to get different headers in the main body to create links and subheaders but I cant seem to vertically align the text to the top of the box

Its really frustrating how it hovers in the middle and doesn't align with adjacent tables

I’m guessing this is a really simple thing but it would help me out a lot!

2 replies

Hi Wright,


Would it be possible to include some screenshots of explaining your issue? it seems more of visualisation thing and easy to understand with some screenshots.



Thank You


Hi Naga,


Thanks for the reply, I have attached a screenshot of this


If I reduce the text box in size i start to get a scroll bar there, even the table on the right shows a scroll bar and im not sure how to get rid of that but that is a different issue


As you can see the text doesn't align to the table


Thanks for the help