Vectorized file format for image exports

  • 30 January 2018
  • 6 replies

Hi, I’m exporting a visual from looker that will be blown up on a projector.

I know I can download as a PNG, but that looks pretty blurry. I can also take a screenshot, but that has limited resolution.

Is there a way to export to PDF or another scalable file format?


6 replies

Hi Sebastian,

You could put the selected look on a dashboard and schedule it to yourself via email. You will want to set the format to PDF.

Here is the doc for reference:



That doesn’t vectorize it. That just puts a PNG into a PDF document.

Thanks for the feedback Sebastian! I can pass your request along to product.



To confirm - does that mean it’s not possible to get a visual from looker that I can project onto a large screen?

Hi Sebastian,

I will pass along your request for vectorized image results. We have only one output resolution as of now. A potential workaround to get a bit higher quality would be to change your preferences to save your screenshot as a TIFF. However, I am aware that would result in a rasterized, not vectorized image.



hello Sebastian!

what version of Looker are you using and are you setting the PDF to single column (which inserts PNGs into a PDF as you say)? the default (non-single column) PDF should be correctly vectorized.

i recommend making a dashboard and downloading a PDF of it (and make sure the single column option is not selected)


edit: what kind of visualization is it? there are some visualizations that can’t be vectorized (such as some maps)