Using Extension framework to make a tabbed dashboard

  • 27 April 2021
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We are currently building out our solution for our customers using Looker and I have been tasked with building a mechanism for “tabbed dashboards” and want to expand on a previous conversation found here….

In that particular instance they are building the tabs with HTML and hardcoding the subsequent dashboards in a “look”. My solution needs to go a bit further than that as well as have a set of “shared filters” for the relevant tabbed dashboards. I will attempt to explain…

After speaking with some Looker Partners, the thought is to establish a convention for doing this work which would look something like this…


  1. There will be multiple dashboards that share a common set of filters.
  2. It is known that filters can be passed via paramaterized URLs in looker.
  3. All relevant dashboards are put into one folder and one of these dashboards contains ONLY filters.
  4. The “filters dashboard” will be constant and displayed above the tabs
  5. When various filters are changed (toggles, dropdowns, checkboxes, etc), it will then take those parameters and update the dashboard in each tab.

My questions are for folks with a bit more experience with the extension framework.

Is there a way to include a needed CSS framework for this (using materializecss)?

  • Thus far I cannot figure out an elegant way to do this without taking all of the UI framework and dropping it into a document.write() statement in the extension builder JS file.

Secondarily, Is there a way to make this solution generic and allow our people that are configuring the files to point at a specific folder within our Looker instance? Can I include some type

  • This will need to be a reusable extension and we ARE NOT USING REACT, so the option to use Looker Component Library is not an option.

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