User Experience - Drill Downs

  • 5 March 2018
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I’m designing a series of dashboards, all of which will have drill downs.

I’m having issues designing for the fact that drill downs are only attached to fields.

So if I want a Report1 using Field1 to link to Drill Down fields A, B, C;

but then I want Report 2 using Field1 to link to Drill Down fields X, Y, Z

Currently the only way I’ve found to do this is to use liquid parameters with ‘_in_query’, {% if products._in_query %}. Therefore I may need to make various dummy fields like Field1 = ‘A’, just to include it in the query and remove it from visualization.

Is there a better way to design drill ins without having messy LookML to maintain?

3 replies

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Hello Ally,

Here’s the doc on what’s available in liquid, depending on the content of the report, you may be able to leverage _explore._name or view_name.field_name._is_filtered since those may be more specific to each report without having to add dummy dimensions.

Another option is to use the label parameter to make several fields appear the same in the final report, while defining them differently in your view.

measure: count_drill_on_ABC {

type: count

sql: ${count_field} ;;

label: 'count'

drill_fields: [dimensionA, dimensionB, dimensionC]


measure: count_drill_on_XYZ {

type: count

sql: ${count_field} ;;

label: 'count'

drill_fields: [dimensionX, dimensionY, dimensionZ]


So they will show up as the same in the final report (save value and column header), but will have their own drills.

Hello Will,

I did not find this solution functional. Has any way been developed to do this without having to double or triple all my measurements to have different drill downs on the same measurements?

I don’t think so, unfortunately. This is the same reason we don’t do much drilling.

When we have a customer who is looking at the number of patients they have, they might use our “Patient Count” measure.

They may want to drill into that count by any one of our hundreds of dimensions, but the only way to give them that capability would be to produce a new Patient Count measure for every possible drill field that we want to offer.

In our case, we have 100ish demographic fields, and hundreds of other fields, about each patient so creating a measure for each of those which may be interesting to drill into is really off the table.