User defined filter based on result on dashboard

  • 27 January 2023
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How to click data result to become a filter on dashboard?  This will allow user to click the dimension or measure then the value can filter the dataset on the dashboard automatically.  

6 replies

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I assume you mean the Cross Filtering? At least that’s what comes to mind after reading your description. 

Have a look at this page how to enable it:

Thank you Dawid!   For cross-filtering, all other data tiles will be filtered by the value of that data point, but the tile creating the cross-filter only highlights that data point and greys out all other data points.

My case is the value I would like to filter is on a table chart.  When I click the value,  the value is highlighted on the table only;  the other data is still there.  I would like to also filter it out on the main table chart so table chart only display for this record.  Any solutions?

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I don’t quite understand what you mean (would need to see a live example) but Cross Filtering is basically the only similar feature in Looker at the moment.

For example, if I click “11792” on my table chart and would like to make it as filter to display this record only on the dashboard;  however, for cross filter, it only highlights on the table chart, but not real filter on this tile.  Other data tiles reflected the filter though.  I would like to have the tile which contains data point also acts as a filter, but not highlights only.  


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Understood. It makes sense though. They went with the option to leave the context of the original tile because it’s already segmented to show your selection. It makes it easier to switch between the values of the same tile. 

In another words, I think this is a choice to implement it like that. I don’t think there’s a way to change it

If there are no other tiles, and the dashboard only contains one table chart, is there any way for user to click any value (dimension) on the table chart to make it as a filter?