User-defined dashboard to Lookml

  • 14 May 2018
  • 3 replies

I’m trying to convert an user-defined dashboard into a lookml version to enable easier changes and updates of variables and filters that apply to multiple looks used in the dashboard.

I’ve followed the steps in the documentation but when I try to launch the lookml dashboard I keep getting >>Element ‘XXX’ is already defined<<.

Anyone know what is causing this?


3 replies

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Hi @cjwehtje!

I have seen this issue before when converting a UDD to a LookML Dashboard. The problem stems from if there are two tiles with the same title. Usually it is a text tile and a regular tile converted to LookML with the same title. Could you check if there are any duplicate titles in the LookML code? Thanks!

Hi @peter.whitehead,

Yes that must be it! Thank you

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@cjwehtje no problem! Glad we got it to work!