Use results from a Look as a Dashboard filter

  • 8 July 2019
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I have multiple Looks that result in different user ids. Separately I have a dashboard that contains different visualizations for all our users. Is there a way in which I can make all the user ids returned by a Look as a filter to my dashboard so that I can use the same dashboard to analyze different segments of users. Currently, it’s only possible to drill into a particular user id.

1 reply

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Quinn’s suggestion here about a derived table:

would be a neat solution. There are ways to do this using the API, but since you’re using a dashboard, presumably you want a more UI-based approach.

In your case, you’d build your derived table to be exactly like the Look that returns User IDs. You’d add your yesno filter to the dashboard and presto. You could even create a parameter that has different options like “cohort1” and “cohort 2”, and apply that to the derived table to dynamically change which groups of users you are selecting.