Updating standard dashboard templates

  • 17 August 2021
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We’re attempting to create a set of standard dashboards that each new customer will receive. 


We know that we’ll probably need to update and improve these standard dashboards over time. Thinking through how to set up a set of standard dashboards that would be easy to maintain & update.


Is there a way to update a standard dashboard template so that all current customers who already use those dashboards can get the update automatically? 

example: Let’s say a standard dashboard has 5 looks on it. We use this standard to create dashboards for 10 different customers, all the same. A few months later, we realize we need to add a 6th look to our standard dashboard. How can we get that new 6th look to those 10 customers? Would we have to manually add the look to each customer’s standard dashboard? 


Tanks for your help!

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1 reply

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Only have 1 dashboard and filter it/use user attributes to filter it to the company….or use a lookml dashboard that you extend.