Two Dates in single Dashboard

  • 10 June 2022
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i have two date filters on the same dashboard, one payment date and other order date. payment date can be same date or future date from the order date.

my base filter is payment date as the dashboard is for payments but i want users to be able to filter their desired order date range as well.

for instance:

Product Order Date Payment Date
Samsung 01-15-2021 06-15-2021
iPhone 01-18-2021 06-10-2021
Samsung 02-10-2021 05-18-2021
LG 04-21-2021 08-10-2021


by default both the date filters are set for YTD, and if i change one filter to a specific date range it just doesnt show data completely because the other date filter is not in the same range.


how do i make sure if i select one of the date filter the other either just picks up the same range or at least i can clear the other filter to show all the dates. hope this makes sense 

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