Trouble Loading Data Message

  • 25 June 2021
  • 9 replies

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Hey, all. A message I haven’t seen before, ‘Trouble loading data, please try again later”, popped up on one of my tiles. I haven’t seen this message before - the tile loads for every other db I pull from. Any advice?

9 replies

One of our users reported the same recently, see below. Is this a new message?


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I’m seeing this as well, when I click into the individual tile, the data loads as intended, however it can’t load when in the dashboard. Any solutions to this?


I am seeing the same issue with a dashboard I have created. The individual tiles load correctly when I click “Explore from here”. However, the tiles on the dashboard do not load. Has anyone found a solution to this?

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I’m getting this same issue as well. If I load it in the old dashboards (without the “-next”) it’s fine but in the new vis it’s not.


can we get an update for this, please?

Same is happening to me. Looker is presenting a lot of other problems. 


one of our users seeing the same thing, 2 days in a row now

deleting the `-next` from the URL worked, though I wouldn’t call it a *good* solution


We have also seen this issue 

I am running into this same issue.

Same started happening on our Instance seeing “trouble loading data” on tiles within a dashboard even though query has completed successfully.

removing -NEXT works as a workaround but not ideal.