Trend line improvement request

  • 5 February 2019
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I’m using a moving average trend line to smooth daily fluctuations in cancellation rate.

Since is cancellation rate is a maturing number and I want to pin it for DoD and WoW comparison, I’ve applied a 4-day maturity window. When graphing metrics with a maturity window, my preference is to extend the x-axis to the present as a visual queue to reinforce the metric implementation.

When I enable the moving average trend line, it fits the entire x-axis - even when there are no data points plotted. This behavior would make sense if the data points were 0, but since they’re null, I think the line should stop at the end of the plot.

Can you update the trend line implementation to ignore null values?

3 replies

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What version of Looker are you running? I tested this and am seeing the expected behavior:

so I wonder if it’s something that’s already been addressed.

@izzy we’re using 5.6

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A ha. I did a little investigation and we fixed this behavior in the new visualization system that we released. Upgrading will fix this!

It’s on by default in Looker 6.0, so if you upgraded that high you’d see the behavior you’d like, but it’s also in versions as early as 5.18 as a Labs feature called “Enhanced Visualizations”. For reference, the current Looker release is 6.4 and 6.6 is about to be released.