Transfer dashboard/look ownership

  • 4 December 2017
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Is is possible to transfer ownership of looks or dashboards betweens users.

For example, an employee leaves, and we want another employee to maintain the looks/dashboards they created.

6 replies

Hi there Matthew,

What particular aspect of a user’s content do you need the change of ownership? You could try copying it to a personal/shared space.

We recommend that you disable (Admin/Users -> Edit User and “Account” -> “Disabled”). That way none of the content ever disappears but they can no longer login.

Does that help with your question?



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This is a good question. For instance, I ran into this when copying a dashboard. When I copied with the creator’s login (either mine, or sudo’d as the user), the dashboard would copy and use the same looks. When I copied with a different login, all the looks were copied as well. There is also all the schedules a user has created, and likely other issues as well. @matthew-lowe’s point is a significant management issue,IMO.

Thanks for the reply! Here is information from a real world example:


When a particular user copies a dashboard that is not owned by said user, all the looks that are included in that dashboard will be copied as well. Consequently, all the looks will have the suffix “(copy)“, and are added to the space within which the dashboard is copied.


I’ve created a template for a dashboard that contains a dashboard country filter. Ideally, I want to be able to copy that dashboard and just update the country filter. What happens now is that, whenever I copy the dashboard, all the looks that are included in the original dashboard are copied as well. Say, I have five countries for which I want to create the exact same dashboard, 5 versions of those looks (of which four has the suffix “(copy 😵 exist within the space.


Not entirely sure this also pertains to those looks that I’ve created myself (i.e., I’m the owner of that look). For instance, I might’ve added a look to someone else’s dashboard.

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Hi @la5rocks,

Thanks for your feedback. To address the behavior of looks being copied along with dashboards when you are copying content created by a different user, this is due to the fact that dashboards cannot reference looks across spaces in Looker. However, lookless dashboards allow for copying of dashboards without the creation of an unwanted set of copied looks. There has been feedback for global looks that are system-owned, as opposed to user owned, that would allow dashboards across different spaces to share looks. I would be happy to pass along your feedback for this capability to our product team.

To address your point about transferring schedule ownership, it is possible for admins to reassign ownership of schedules in Looker. Documentation on this feature can be found here.

Please reach out if you have any further questions!



I second the point that this is a significant management issue. Every time we run into a situation where more than one person has contributed to a Dashboard, it becomes a real pain to maintain when management invariably asks, “Can you make a copy of this Dashboard for criteria X/Y/Z?”

If I could just go in an reassign the owner on a few Looks, or if we could just copy a Dashboard without 15 new copies of specific Looks being created, it would be a lot easier to work with.

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Hi @Dan_Bryan,

I’ll add your feedback in as well on how you’d ideally handle ownership of looks/dashboards. In the case of needing to copy a dashboard to a new space and not wanting the looks to go with it I would recommend converting the tiles on the dashboard that are tied to looks to become “lookless” (available as of version 5.2 and done via these steps) without any looks backing the tiles no additional content would be moved when the dashboard is copied.

I hope that helps!