Topojson Maps

  • 9 November 2015
  • 3 replies

I have TOPOJSON for all 50 US States + DC. Can I add these to the “Map Regions” widget so that each state can be a select-ableoption from the Looker UI?

3 replies

Hi Sonny,

Thanks for your post! I see what you are saying here. This is not currently possible. I will be sure to forward this case onto product.



We similarly would benefit from a custom catalog where we can store topojson links where the end-user can access them. Our work-around is a space dedicated to looks which contain the topojson for every state we operate in. Anyone who wants to create a map, can go here and copy the link for their own look.

I have done something similar. We built LookML dashboards. Each dashboard can then be linked to using ‘drill-to’ method mentioned Custom Drill Using HTML and Query Parameters

Note: We have created a python script that generates the LookML dashboards for each of the 50 states. That way I can change 1 template and re-generate the dashboards.