Tooltip doesn't track mouse well

  • 16 August 2018
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Hi Looker!

I’m trying to determine whether this is a browser issue or something else I’m doing wrong…

I find that the tooltip feature on a line chart, for instance, doesn’t track where my mouse is. It tends to get locked on a datapoint at the bottom and then not update when I hover directly over another point.

I’m happy to help troubleshoot if the issue isn’t prevalent.

2 replies

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Hi @nolan-ga

Thanks for passing on this feedback! Would you mind forwarding this to to continue troubleshooting here? Interested in:

  • What version of Looker are you working on?

  • Where are you viewing your line visualizations - in a dashboard? in and explore? Embedded?

Also curious if you see any javascript messages in your console when navigating around the visualization.



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FYI @molly.lippsett - this appears to be fixed in the new visualizations that were released!