Tiles triggering same SQL several times

  • 6 February 2019
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Hi all,

We have created a tiles dashboard and despite we choose all the looks to have the same SQL structure (in terms of dimensions and measures, having the same order). They trigger one SQL per look. There is any way to improve this?

Also, when several looks on a tile dashboard point to the same explore, Looker should be capable to query once the explore to get all the required kpis. There is any plan to improve this?



7 replies

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Hi Dani, this got some more info Can we have multiple viz running the same query for a single time in the dashboard?


You have to be very careful with formatting and column sorting and any other changes in the tile. If even one small thing is different in both looks (tiles) then Looker will still issue separate queries to the database. The best way to achieve this is to make one look (tile) and copy it as many times as you need. Then hide/unhide the necessary column for that specific look.

There is a way to troubleshoot this which involves comparing the Expanded URL under Share URLs. Let me know if you want to get more details on this.

Source: am user, found out the hard way.


I just checked the expanded URL and it looks tedious to compare. Copying tiles works for the initial development but then if I update a tile I would need to start over with the copying which does not sounds to be the best use of our resources… @izzy, any way to ease this on future versions? It seems there should be a better way to face this common and annoying problem.

Yes, and that is why this reusing approach is actually a bad workaround. No other way though as far as I know.

You can convert the expanded URL via any URL Encode-Decode tool to make it more readable and then some text compare tool to find differences if any.

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LookML dashboards but they bring their own issues.

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Hopefully the LookML dashboard syncing functionality that’s creeping into Looker (in the experimental API 3.1 now) will ease some of that pain and make that workflow easier. There’s not anyone currently working on the specific issue of making it easier to duplicate tiles for this purpose, but LookML dashboard updates should help!

Thanks everyone! I know there are lots of feature requests but I think this one will improve development and evolution costs… otherwise Looker will become like Microstrategy 😉