Tiles Not Rendering

  • 26 August 2021
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I ran into an odd issue, and I am unable to determine its cause. 

We have a dashboard with about ten visuals (charts and graphs) and we have one user (that has reported it) that logs in and about half of the tiles do not render. They show a tile with the title but nothing inside of it, but if the user explores from the tile, they can see the data and the visual. We made a copy of the tile, and the user is still seeing blank tiles, but the tiles not rendering are different than the original dashboard tiles that did not rend (example: original tiles 1,3,4,5, are not rendering and copy tiles 2,3,5,6 are not rendering).

I know its not a permissions issue as the user can open the tile and explore the data and see what is there, and not a dashboard issue because other users are not experiencing this. 

Has anyone seen this functionality before? If it is worth anything, a good amount of the tiles use merge queries and it does take a few moments (~6 seconds to fully load all the tiles up).

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