The Ability to Leverage Result from One Tile in Another Tile

  • 18 April 2018
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Trying to forecast revenue using last year’s data and the current runrate in the past 7 days.

To do this, I created 2 different tiles - 1. last year revenue trend 2. last 7 days’ runrate to predict the 8th day’s revenue

Context: I need to use the predicted 8th day’s revenue as a starting point and use the patterns from last year’s revenue to predict the current month’s revenue.

Question: is it possible to leverage the number I get from the 2nd tile in the 1st tile without having to manually copy and paste the number? I’d like to automate this report instead of doing it manually every month.



2 replies

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Hi @Swang2!

Currently it is not possible to use one value from one tile to perform calculations in order to create another tile. In able to use the value from one tile in the forecast calculation, we could create a derived table for last year’s trends. We can then join the last year trend table to back into the original explore. From here we will be able to reference each value from separate views and we can calculate our forecasted value.

This discourse has a brief description on this process by “dimensionalizing a measure”: Dimensionalize a Measure: Cohort Tiers on a Count

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Maybe this idea will help! You can use a compound date filter - for example “8 days ago for 7 days” and also “372 days ago for 7 days” (where 372 is 8 + 52*7). This would get all 14 relevant rows into one result set, and then you can use a table calculation to do one calculation on the first 7 rows, and another on the last 7 rows, and then combine the two using any logic available in table calculations