Text Tiles For Navigation - HTML Link Gets Cut Off

  • 22 June 2018
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We are trying to create a curated experience for our sales team inside of Looker. To do that we are using a Text Tile with embedded links as a navigation bar. The challenge is that for some reason the sub-title field cuts off what we can display in it. The weird part is that it works just fine when it’s first edited. Then once you reload the page it cuts most of it off. Is this a bug or a feature?

Also - It would be great if Looker made it easy to create simple curated loops of dashboards so that very untechnical users would have an easier time getting around.

5 replies

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Hey @Kyle_Rourke,

There is a character limit of 255 for titles and subtitles in dashboard text tiles; characters beyond this will be removed when the dashboard is reloaded. Although there are fewer than 255 characters in your screenshot, you are most likely hitting that limit with the URLs in your hyperlinks.

I’ll let the product team know you’d like to expand this limit. For now, I would recommend putting most of your hyperlinks in the body of the text tile. You can use Markdown to adjust the formatting in the body, as described in this article: Using Markdown in Text Tiles on Dashboards

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Chris - Thanks. It would be great if looker could improve/add the options for text boxes in a dashboard. For example, the ability to change the background color of the whole text tile so it would provide a better visual break.

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Thanks for the additional feedback; I’ll let the product team know you’d like to have styling control for dashboard text tiles as well.

@chris.seymour I was also running into this problem- I was trying to use the subtitle field as my main text holder in order to get around the width limit for the body section.

What is the ETA on updating these tiles to make them more dynamic/customizable for dashboard creators? Width and character limitations make for a very difficult experience.


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Hey @haileysims,

There’s currently no target date for additional customization options on dashboard text tiles. I’ll pass along your feedback that expanding both the title/subtitle character limit and the width limit on the body would be valuable for you.