Text size problem in schedule of dashboard in looker 6.10

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After upgrating the looker from 5.4 to 6.10, facing issue with text size in scheduled reports.

In looker 5.4:-

And In looker 6.10 :-


And even the filters which are applied to these charts are not showing in the scheduled reports now in 6.10.

The issue can easily create to schedule a dashboard with “Format data as” = “Visualization”

And in Advance options select “Use single column Layout”.

And check the text size in the report.

It was better before.

Is there any way to solve this issue?

Thank you.

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If you deselect that option, is the text size as expected? I can look into this one, but it may be a byproduct of the upgrade to our new rendering engine. Basically, you’d like the text to show up bigger?

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Hi Izzy

Yes, I want text size same as looker 5.4. And apart from that with “Visualization” selection, it is not showing the filters values in the email which we selected for the dashboard in the schedule.

But this feature was there in looker 5.4.

Thank you.

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Got it, thanks for the context Asha. With the visualization piece, you’re talking about the other post you made here, right? We will take a look at both of them!

Sechduling Dashboard options for "Format data as" is less in looker 6.10 as compare to looker 5.4