Table sort orders are being reverted on dashboards

We have a table widget on a dashboard that is sorted by a particular column by default. When users (including admins) are looking at the dashboard and click on another column to resort, the table updates the sort order for a few seconds but then reverts back to the default sort order. The asc/desc chevron can still be seen on the user selected column, but the sort order is back to what the developer set up when building the visualization.

Why is this happening and is there a fix?

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Are there more than 5000 results being returned?  If so, I have run into this issue in the past and could never find a workaround, would love to know if you found a fix on this!

It’s only 500 results being returned and even without the limit there would only be about 1000 or so rows in the dataset. I don’t even understand why/how this would happen! The table allows users to sort by any column, so the query is being modified, but then it just goes back??

What I recommend is updating the visualization type to a Legacy Table, that is the only thing I have found that actually works.  A few weeks ago, I found that everything was going back to the old ways, so after digging more I realized if you revert the entire dashboard to Legacy, especially when the viz type is Legacy also, there is something that “clicks” and just allows your stuff to stay put exactly as you want!

If you guys not see “Revert to a Legacy Dashboard” your admin can flip that on in the admin tab (they will need to go to General > Legacy Features and select “Revert to Legacy Dashboards”).

Hope this helps… like I said… that is the only thing I have found that works so far, but I really hope this is fixed soon by Looker.