Table Next Table Calculation Columns - Location Moves with new data

  • 3 January 2022
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I am making a report using table-next which lists each store as a row and then each column is the per period sales for the last 3 periods plus the sales the same period last year. There is also a table calculation which generates a delta between the sales in each comparable period. 


This is what the report should look like:

This is what the Data - Results section looks like:


The raw data in our database table looks like this:
Sale_ID, Store_ID, Sale_Amount, Period_Number, Fiscal_Year_Number. Where each row represents an individual sale.


The issue I am running into is that as time progresses and we enter a new time period the report breaks and the order of the columns is no longer correct. 


When a new period is introduced to the report It becomes something like this:


Two things appear to be happening. 

One; new columns are not appearing to re-order (period 10 should be on the far left but isnt).

Two; The “delta” Table Calculations columns are no longer lined up with the associated period columns.


Any thoughts on how to fix this? 


Note: Data is synthetic.

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