Table Next Series Custom Formatting and PDF Issues

  • 25 September 2019
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I have been alerted to a couple of new issues that have arisen with our Table Next reports since the 6.20 update

  1. Series custom formatting for fonts (colour, style, justification) does not work when their is either a pivot or the table is transposed, and measures are being left aligned. We need them to be right aligned

  2. We have set a report to email an A3 PDF on a schedule. Previously this would fit on one page, but now it is spreading onto two pages. We need this to be on one page

It should be pointed out that when manually exporting a PDF of the report to A3, it correctly renders it to one page only

I look forward to these fixes being rolled out in good time. Thanks

5 replies

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+1. I’m having similar issues with table next/transposed, which is a feature I’m quite excited about, since it greatly mitigates a common end user complaint (table readability).

  1. Freezing panes rarely works (maybe 10% of the time for me) when table next and transpose are enabled, and if it does, often disappears when I save the Look and load to a dashboard.

  2. Row auto sizing (if I don’t “force” a size) is often pretty wonky with table next/transpose.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the direction table next is going, but addressing will be a big value add. Let me know if any further details would be useful.

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There’s a bunch of useful feedback here that we’re taking into consideration! This is why we make beta features available 🙂

Thank you for the feedback, and keep it coming! We’ll reach out if we need any further details.

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Since in 6.24 Table Next is out of Beta, is there any update on when alignment will be fixed for tables with pivots? Currently alignment is ignored.

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This specific issue has been fixed, and should be present in Looker 6.24.

If you’re sure you are on 6.24 and not seeing this functionality work, it’d be great if you could send our support team specific details (and explore links if possible) via so they can take a closer look.

I’ll take a look at the other issues in this thread and see what their status is before slapping “Fixed” on this whole thing.

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I confirm the issue with pivot alignment is fixed in 6.24.34 - we verified after upgrade.