Table-next not saving column order in looks or dashboards

  • 4 December 2019
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I’m having an issue with table-next visualizations in a dashboard.

I’m using subtotals for two dimensions: District & Store

When I open the table in the edit window, District is correctly to the left of Store.

But when I close or save the edit window, District is moved all the way to the right.

Display in edit window (‘Save’ button is disabled):

District is correctly the 1st column & Store name is correctly the 2nd column

Display in dashboard:

District is now moved all the way to the right

If I move District all the way to the left in the dashboard view, it’s all good, but when I refresh the page it goes back to its incorrect spot all the way to the right.

Can anyone help? How do I get the “District” column to stay in the correct spot?

2 replies

Hi everyone, Do we know if there was resolution on this? I have several dashboards with multiple columns and no matter what process I follow, the column order never saves. I am using Totals at the bottom, dimension columns, and calculation columns. The order of the columns is necessary as some of the calc columns compare columns early in the viz.

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Just finished chatting with Looker support. They said this is an engineering issue related to the use of the subtotals option in the table-next visualization. No workaround yet