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  • 11 November 2019
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Is it possible to create a tabbed dashboard? This would essentially combine two or more dashboards within a single dashboard, viewable by selecting the tabbed navigation.

29 replies

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Hi Iant, Thanks for the reply. I was hoping it to be a different answer, because this approach would need you to add the tiles in every single dashboard you have a link on, correct?, in any case as a workaround for a one time thing it may work.

Another way to clean up your dashboard code while centralizing the left-bar is possible with the extends feature on Looker dashboards.  Documentation here.

Essentially you can write the left_bar.dashboard code as just the nav bar and then include one line in each of the new dashboards with extends: left_bar

If you have a few components you want to add to a new dashboard, you can group them as a list in the extends line and they should all come in.  Once they are included via extends, you can rewrite any attribute of any element as long as you know the `name: value` for that element along with the name of the attribute you want to change.

I use this with my teams top nav bar and it is a lifesaver/code saver ;)

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I really wish that’s a feature!


For now, we’re using this workaround :






Added a line of icons to the left using HTML in text boxes, and hyperlinked them to relevant dashboards.


Can filters in one tab apply to all other tabs, though each tab is independent by its own


you can create a link via html and do a…..

<a href=”add-link-here&Filter_name={{_filters[‘filter_view.filter_name’]}}”></a>;;

Any updates on the possibility of inheriting filter values among these tabbed dashboards? So far all I’ve known is its not possible to apply liquid in text tiles. 

Userlevel 1 Yes, you can inherit filter values. Here’s a post discussing this