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  • 11 November 2019
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Is it possible to create a tabbed dashboard? This would essentially combine two or more dashboards within a single dashboard, viewable by selecting the tabbed navigation.

16 replies


Hadn’t thought of this but there’s a few cases where this kind of feature could possibly be useful in our company!

According to my knowledge, I don’t think so. Only option is provide links to open a another look/dashboard in a new window. Hope they’ll have one in the next releases.

I think the new Story feature in Looker 7 might help with this. Heard it at the conference last week.

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I really wish that’s a feature!

For now, we’re using this workaround :


Added a line of icons to the left using HTML in text boxes, and hyperlinked them to relevant dashboards.

very nice!

@krishpotluri do you have any documentation on how to create those icons and links?

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I don’t have any documentation but here is the code snippet:

<p align="center">
<a href="your dashboard URL" >
<img border="0" alt="altText" src=" your image URL"
height="55" width="60">
<p align="center"> <i>
<font size = "2">
Your Title

I hosted my icons on cloud storage and used public URLs.

Tweak this HTML a little bit according to your requirement and you should have this working. 🙂

Thank you!!

What Looker version are you using? I’m having trouble seeing any icons show up despite hosting on google drive with public URLs.

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Just an offhand guess, but oftentimes google drive links aren’t actually to the raw image, but rather to a google drive page that has the image and a space for comments, sharing, etc— When embedded in HTML that won’t actually display the image. You could try testing with something like imgur just to see if it’s a google drive specific issue.

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You’re right. @izzy Thanks for clarifying that 🙂

@simone.b For security and maintenance reasons, I used my company’s Google Cloud Storage (created a new bucket) to host the images.

+1 to tabbed dashboards.

Hi @simone.b

Could you please point me to which Story feature you’ve referred to now that we are deep in V7?

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This would be really helpful in putting together a few dashboards in one place.

how are you passing the values to the filter of the linked dashboards?

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You can do that using filter expressions within URLs. Please explore the following to know more:

How can we get the dashboard within the same page and still have side menu? 

Or did you create the same side menu in all the dashboard ?