Switching Map Layer Dynamically

  • 24 November 2022
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Hi , As we have customer worldwide and want to use map_layer_name to show in Map, but here  as instructed for US need to use map layer name “us_zipcode_tabulation_areas” and for UK have map_layer_name “uk_postcode_areas” , so how to use this while showing world wide data , and secondly what about other countries,  N.B.: We do not have lat long available .

2 replies


We have the same issue. 
Dawid, providing one single TOPOjson file would not work. Countries tend to have some of the same zip codes, so how would Looker know which country to place it? How can this be solved? I imagined a liquid variable in the map_layer_name dynamically checking which country you have chosen in a filter, and based on that decides which map_layer to use. 

I imagine many users would need this, no? 

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What do you mean by switching? Let’s say you have your data and it’s a worldwide postcode data. Do you mean that you want to pull different map layer depending on a value in your data? In this case it’s not possible. You need to load one map alongside your data.


You would need to combine maps from different countries and add it as one. However, this would be quite a task. You’d have to make sure that your data is aligned with the map (synchronised).