Subtotal Tables PDF not displaying

  • 10 April 2019
  • 2 replies

I am unable to see data in subtotal tables when i download as PDF (or open PDF in browser)

2 replies

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Hey Claire! Nice to see you in person yesterday 🙂

We’ve definitely seen this before with the custom vis in some cases, but as subtotals are coming to the product in a fully supported fashion very soon (the experimental new table visualization landed in 6.10) I don’t believe we plan on making changes to the old custom vis.

I’d suggest checking out that new visualization, or, anecdotally, it seems like others have had success with this workflow:

  1. add the Subtotals tile first to the dashboard and then

  2. Add the other tiles

This should make it show up in the PDF download— That said, I see it looks like you’ve only got subtotal tables. You could also try making them Tiles instead of Looks, which could work (Sorry for the vague advice).

Lemme know if either of those 3 options works better for you.

Hey thanks for your response, it’s not essential so i’m happy to wait for your future release, just to say i do have other tiles above it on the dashboard, i just cropped them out for clarity.

I will try reordering the dashboard with the subtotals at the top, and let you know if it makes a difference. Thanks 🙂